My family

My family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My boyfriend is BACK!!!!

Have you heard?  JT is READY to start a new album.  Of course he sent me a message on FB to let me know.  I was becoming very sad because he had dropped a couple of notches from top boyfriend status since he 1) got married this year - see below, 2) hadn't made any new music in a long time, & 3) was wearing those silly glasses.

MARRIED - when this happened I had nobody to talk to, all my ladies who knew how obsessed I am were in AZ.  For the record, I am happy for him and Jessica but will it last?  Did you like the pink dress?  She did look beautiful and he looked VERY handsome.  I know you will be shocked but I did not buy the magazine, I did however see it at the car wash & was able to look at all the pictures.

Here is the link that Justin sent to me, Enjoy!
 He's Ready


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