My family

My family

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do you weigh more in the summer?

I have often said that I gain weight in the summer.  I always chalked it up to eating more fruit and having more sugar in my system.  I know, I know, I eat unhealthy sugar ALL the time so eating a more natural sugar from fruit should not (& does not) do this.  Then I thought that maybe I wasn't working as hard in the AZ (now OK) summer because it was so hot.  This my husband laughs at because we are working out in air conditioned rooms and still sweating just as much.  So, why oh why do I gain weight in the summer...

As I was reading the January issue of Fitness magazine I found my answer.  It is a little bit of a stretch but I the logic works, hear me out...the question asked in the magazine was "How is it possible that I gained weight overnight?"  The answer was as follows: "Weight can fluctuate from two to six pounds overnight [6 lbs - that is AWFUL!!!], all because of water," says [their on-staff Ph.D.]. "Usually you weigh less in the morning because your stomach isn't full.  But if it's hot or you're within two weeks of starting your period, your body will store extra H2O."

AHA - so because I drink more water in the summer to hydrate from my hard workouts I weigh more.  Not only that but because it is hot where I live I am going to weigh more.  For whatever reason this made me feel so much better.  Now I just need to live in a cold climate all the time to be approx. 6 lbs less. OR I am just going to believe that I am 6 lbs less than what the scale says because it is warm outside.  But if the scale starts moving the other way in the winter I am screwed with my logic.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy eating for little ones

Last night we were finishing our martial arts training (sidenote: Katrina & I are preparing for our next belt - BLUE.  You start at white, then 1st yellow, 2nd yellow, 1st green, 2nd green, then blue.  We are progressing nicely.  I still dislike the fighting but the men in class are really helping motivate me to be a tough girl.)  Back to the story, we were heading to get dinner and Jim asked Katrina if she was feeling okay.  She said she was fine, he said he thought she did a good job in class but she looked a little tired. (Thank goodness she is still young because we all know what it means when someone says "are you feeling okay, you look tired", right?  If not, it means, "wow, you look like crap today!")  Unfortunately I had noticed the same thing over the last few weeks with Katrina.

It started during the winter break, she had lost all the color from her face, she has been very pale lately and is not hungry.  Well, she is always hungry for "a snack" but not for any real food.  I know many of you are saying, this is totally normal, especially for Katrina.  But I keep looking at her next to her friends and she is thin.  I know, I know, her momma and daddy are thin so again this is nothing new, but it has us worried. The good news - she won't pass up a piece of bacon or papitas.

She continually tells us she feels fine and I am hoping I am just being a crazy momma.  I went shopping today for "healthy" snacks, her little system is going to go into shock but we have to cut the junk food, this is all she seems to crave.  Wish us luck, again any advice is welcome.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My boyfriend is BACK!!!!

Have you heard?  JT is READY to start a new album.  Of course he sent me a message on FB to let me know.  I was becoming very sad because he had dropped a couple of notches from top boyfriend status since he 1) got married this year - see below, 2) hadn't made any new music in a long time, & 3) was wearing those silly glasses.

MARRIED - when this happened I had nobody to talk to, all my ladies who knew how obsessed I am were in AZ.  For the record, I am happy for him and Jessica but will it last?  Did you like the pink dress?  She did look beautiful and he looked VERY handsome.  I know you will be shocked but I did not buy the magazine, I did however see it at the car wash & was able to look at all the pictures.

Here is the link that Justin sent to me, Enjoy!
 He's Ready


Saturday, January 5, 2013


One of the many things I miss about my Cave Creek jazzer-friends is the advice I was given.  It was so nice to have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.  I would pose questions/situations and wait to hear how to approach/attack it.  I need your advice...what would you do?

Aidan, my 9 year old son, is addicted to Minecraft.  Minecraft is an online computer game where you build worlds, cities, including houses, trees, buildings, etc.  There are different ways to play, either in your own world by yourself or with others.  When you play with others you are able to chat.  This is the part that worries me. 

Aidan's cities are actually pretty impressive, the house he has built is architecturally beautiful, each room has so much detail and the landscaping is very pretty.  He actually has to farm - plant seeds to grow his food to survive, dig for water, etc.  Aidan is learning as he plays so we are okay with him playing this game.

Back to the chat part, he usually plays with friends - both from AZ and OK, which again is pretty cool, however others can join their games.  As I was putting Aidan to bed the other night he was telling me about the city he was recently visiting and said that a lot of the people on the page were chatting about the SAT's.  We talked about the test and college, etc., all was fine.  Except I walked out wondering if it was appropriate for a 4th grader to be on a site with High Schoolers?  The older kids are not saying anything inappropriate and honestly are computer geeks who probably don't realize he is so young.  Jim & I have had discussions with him about child predators, appropriate language and computer etiquette, we also limit the amount of time he spends on the computer.  What more can we do?  This is where you provide the advice...

Love you all!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Funny girl?

Jim finally joined Facebook in 2012 and saw my recent blog post.  His first question was "self-proclaimed funny girl", where did that come from?  My immediate thought was, what do you mean, I am hilarious!  Apparently my jazzer-self and my real everyday self are two different people.  I know I have shared this before but I am actually a shy, introverted person.  How I can get on stage, shake my booty and share my life is a mystery to my family.  I guess my jazzer-friends bring out a different side of me.

So, why did I pick the title of funny girl?  My students have always kindly laughed at my stories and encouraged me to continue to share.  Because of this I think I am a stand up comedienne. My hour on stage is my release.  Now that I think about it the jazzercise students are a captive audience, they don't have a choice, they want to workout, the hour I teach works for their schedule and they don't have a microphone.  YIKES, maybe I am not that funny.  Either way it does make me feel good and enough of my friends have encouraged me to keep going so I will. 

Now to get my family to believe I am funny...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1 - we had a quiet New Year's Eve at home, Katrina made it until 10:30pm and then fell asleep on the couch.  I was right behind her at 10:45pm.  Then the boys continued to talk about computers and woke me up at 10:55pm.  We had NYRE (New Year's Rockin Eve) on the t.v. and they continued to say "only 5 more minutes...only 2 minutes...10 seconds" and then the countdown began.  We looked at the clock and it was only 11pm Oklahoma time. 

Side - note: Don't ask me to tell you if we are Mtn, Central or whatever, it is too confusing with Daylight Savings, etc.  I know what time my shows come on, what time I have to be somewhere and have done fine over the last 7 months.  BTW - I do know we are in Central Time Zone (I just verified with my hubby & he knows everything. Remember my Jeopardy story about him answering all the questions, if not I will write about that at a later date.)

So it is 11pm and the ball has dropped, it was somewhat of a buzzkill, we all just looked at each other and did nothing.  We watched the next hour of NYRE and at 11:59pm the t.v. station cut over and did a ball rise in downtown OKC.  Ball RISE???  No wonder people believe OK is a little backward (I apologize now to my new Okie friends.) 

Although we watched the ball drop at 11pm, the ball rise at 12pm we hugged and kissed each other for the New Year.  We then promptly went to sleep, the kids were exhausted from play dates earlier in the day and Jim & I shared a bottle of wine with dinner.  This momma was DONE, 3 glasses (1 spilled - party foul on me) and I was not feeling well.

Happy New Year 2013!