My family

My family

Saturday, January 5, 2013


One of the many things I miss about my Cave Creek jazzer-friends is the advice I was given.  It was so nice to have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.  I would pose questions/situations and wait to hear how to approach/attack it.  I need your advice...what would you do?

Aidan, my 9 year old son, is addicted to Minecraft.  Minecraft is an online computer game where you build worlds, cities, including houses, trees, buildings, etc.  There are different ways to play, either in your own world by yourself or with others.  When you play with others you are able to chat.  This is the part that worries me. 

Aidan's cities are actually pretty impressive, the house he has built is architecturally beautiful, each room has so much detail and the landscaping is very pretty.  He actually has to farm - plant seeds to grow his food to survive, dig for water, etc.  Aidan is learning as he plays so we are okay with him playing this game.

Back to the chat part, he usually plays with friends - both from AZ and OK, which again is pretty cool, however others can join their games.  As I was putting Aidan to bed the other night he was telling me about the city he was recently visiting and said that a lot of the people on the page were chatting about the SAT's.  We talked about the test and college, etc., all was fine.  Except I walked out wondering if it was appropriate for a 4th grader to be on a site with High Schoolers?  The older kids are not saying anything inappropriate and honestly are computer geeks who probably don't realize he is so young.  Jim & I have had discussions with him about child predators, appropriate language and computer etiquette, we also limit the amount of time he spends on the computer.  What more can we do?  This is where you provide the advice...

Love you all!

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