My family

My family

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do you weigh more in the summer?

I have often said that I gain weight in the summer.  I always chalked it up to eating more fruit and having more sugar in my system.  I know, I know, I eat unhealthy sugar ALL the time so eating a more natural sugar from fruit should not (& does not) do this.  Then I thought that maybe I wasn't working as hard in the AZ (now OK) summer because it was so hot.  This my husband laughs at because we are working out in air conditioned rooms and still sweating just as much.  So, why oh why do I gain weight in the summer...

As I was reading the January issue of Fitness magazine I found my answer.  It is a little bit of a stretch but I the logic works, hear me out...the question asked in the magazine was "How is it possible that I gained weight overnight?"  The answer was as follows: "Weight can fluctuate from two to six pounds overnight [6 lbs - that is AWFUL!!!], all because of water," says [their on-staff Ph.D.]. "Usually you weigh less in the morning because your stomach isn't full.  But if it's hot or you're within two weeks of starting your period, your body will store extra H2O."

AHA - so because I drink more water in the summer to hydrate from my hard workouts I weigh more.  Not only that but because it is hot where I live I am going to weigh more.  For whatever reason this made me feel so much better.  Now I just need to live in a cold climate all the time to be approx. 6 lbs less. OR I am just going to believe that I am 6 lbs less than what the scale says because it is warm outside.  But if the scale starts moving the other way in the winter I am screwed with my logic.

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