My family

My family

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy eating for little ones

Last night we were finishing our martial arts training (sidenote: Katrina & I are preparing for our next belt - BLUE.  You start at white, then 1st yellow, 2nd yellow, 1st green, 2nd green, then blue.  We are progressing nicely.  I still dislike the fighting but the men in class are really helping motivate me to be a tough girl.)  Back to the story, we were heading to get dinner and Jim asked Katrina if she was feeling okay.  She said she was fine, he said he thought she did a good job in class but she looked a little tired. (Thank goodness she is still young because we all know what it means when someone says "are you feeling okay, you look tired", right?  If not, it means, "wow, you look like crap today!")  Unfortunately I had noticed the same thing over the last few weeks with Katrina.

It started during the winter break, she had lost all the color from her face, she has been very pale lately and is not hungry.  Well, she is always hungry for "a snack" but not for any real food.  I know many of you are saying, this is totally normal, especially for Katrina.  But I keep looking at her next to her friends and she is thin.  I know, I know, her momma and daddy are thin so again this is nothing new, but it has us worried. The good news - she won't pass up a piece of bacon or papitas.

She continually tells us she feels fine and I am hoping I am just being a crazy momma.  I went shopping today for "healthy" snacks, her little system is going to go into shock but we have to cut the junk food, this is all she seems to crave.  Wish us luck, again any advice is welcome.

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