My family

My family

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Funny girl?

Jim finally joined Facebook in 2012 and saw my recent blog post.  His first question was "self-proclaimed funny girl", where did that come from?  My immediate thought was, what do you mean, I am hilarious!  Apparently my jazzer-self and my real everyday self are two different people.  I know I have shared this before but I am actually a shy, introverted person.  How I can get on stage, shake my booty and share my life is a mystery to my family.  I guess my jazzer-friends bring out a different side of me.

So, why did I pick the title of funny girl?  My students have always kindly laughed at my stories and encouraged me to continue to share.  Because of this I think I am a stand up comedienne. My hour on stage is my release.  Now that I think about it the jazzercise students are a captive audience, they don't have a choice, they want to workout, the hour I teach works for their schedule and they don't have a microphone.  YIKES, maybe I am not that funny.  Either way it does make me feel good and enough of my friends have encouraged me to keep going so I will. 

Now to get my family to believe I am funny...

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