My family

My family

Friday, February 22, 2013

My son is hormonal

Aidan has always been a very easy-going boy.  Not much bothers him and he is always happy.  But something has changed, over the last few weeks he has been moody.  Like "girl-moody".  I am used to this from Katrina but not him.  What is going on?  Do you think it is all the computer time?  I swear he goes through withdrawals when he can't get on his computer.

Here is what happened...on Wednesday we had snow, it was beautiful outside.  I woke him up, opened his curtains and had him look at how pretty it was.  He immediately said "Do I have to go to school?"  These words have never been uttered from his little lips, he hates to miss school, he likes to be recognized for perfect attendance (no comment from the peanut gallery - yes, he is my child, poor guy).  I told him I would look to ensure we weren't having a "snow day".  He slowly got ready and waited for me to check the computer.  School was in session, he was extremely disappointed.

That night we got sleet, rain & lots of slush on the ground.  Low & behold school was canceled. (Read my FB post about my bad-mom moment with that).  He was thrilled and immediately got online to chat with his friend who lives 5 minutes away.  The mom and I got the boys together and they actually played outside in the snow, after playing on Minecraft for a while, of course.

This morning (Friday) he waited for me to check the computer for another snow day, no such luck.  He was bummed.  To add insult to injury he has OM (Odyssey of the Mind) after school today for 3 hours. He started crying!  I asked why he was so upset and he said his Friday night is ruined!  (For those that know me, we do not have WILD Friday nights - we do Free Friday & Friday night movies).  I guess I should feel happy since he is disappointed about missing our Friday night party. :) However I think he is upset to not have time on his beloved computer.

What do you think?  Is there something else going on - hormones, something at school, computer withdrawals?

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